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Musical Mission Tour is a nonprofit that combines a passion for theatre with serving others. Our mission is to spread the magic of live performance to at-risk and un-reached youth across the country.

We provide a mission trip model, tools, resources, and inspiration to groups looking to make a positive impact through drama. Our model guides youth groups, theatre clubs, churches, civic theaters, or communities of people as they produce a touring musical to be shared with children in nearby or far away neighborhoods.

Your students will use their talents to bring a story to life on stage. We will help you turn that show into a touring production that will leave a lasting impact on your audiences and actors alike.


Musical Mission Tour was founded by Sara Bartlett in 2000 by combining her love for theatre and faith in God. And though this organization has a foundation steeped in faith, we have spread our reach to communities of people who are looking to make a positive impact with or without a spiritual component.

In 2006, Chris Griffith joined Sara on this journey. Together the two were able to grow MMT's mission impact and develop a sustainable model that could be shared with others.  Once you dive into your welcome packet, you'll see the resources and techniques available to you to engage participants of all ages and abilities.

Students participating in MMT for the first time quickly discover that this is much more than just another show. Year after year, students consistently recant touching stories, positive transformations, and talk of the great fellowship and friendships fostered. We hope you will find a similar effect with your group. Our leadership team will work with you based on your level of need to make this opportunity a success for your group.

Both Sara and Chris regularly speak at theaters, churches, and conferences on achieving growth through targeted mission work and measuring mission impact. You can contact either with questions or booking requests by clicking their name to the right.

Sara Bartlett

Chris Griffith

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