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Thursdays are a given through Dec 14th (other than Thanksgiving)  and start up again on Jan 4th.  The possible Saturdays listed will be confirmed soon and I will try to keep those to smaller groups of people.  Please let me know if your student(s) are NOT avaialbe any of those dates as that helps me use the time  well.

Thursday Nov 16th - Review and clean Status Quo dance & song

                                  Learn the Dance for Bop To The Top Dance and song


Thursday Nov 23rd - off - Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday Nov 30th - Learn dance for What I've Been Looking for - Sharpay & Ryan

                                  Blocking for Act I - scenes 2, 3, 5, 6 (part1) S7 (part 2)

Saturday Dec 2nd - possible rehearsal

Thursday Dec 7th - Reveiw all dances learned and blocking for Act I

Thursday Dec 14th - rehearsal - TIME TBA hoping to move it up to 11 to 2

Saturday Dec 16th - possible rehearsal

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Thursday Jan 4th - Learn dance for Mega Mix

                               And More - TBA 

Saturday Jan 6th - possible rehearsal


Thursday Jan 11th - Learn dance for Head in the Game

                                  And More - TBA

Saturday Jan 13th - possible rehearsal

Thursday Jan 18th - Rehearsal

Saturday Jan 20th - possible rehearsal

Thursday Jan 25th - Rehearsal

Saturday Jan 27th - possible rehearsal

Thursday Feb 1st - Rehearsal

Possible Tech week - Feb 5th thru 9th

Possible Tech week - Feb 12th thru 16th



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