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Scenes & Musical Numbers

Act 1


Scene One:  East High School Steps – Monday 7:45am

Wildcat Cheer - Company

Start of Something New – Troy, Gabriella & Company


Scene Two:  Ms Darbus's Home Room - Monday 8:00am


Scene Three:   Hallway– Monday 8:15am


Scene Four:   Gym – Monday 8:30am

            Get’cha Head in the Game & Playoff – Troy & Jocks  


Scene Five:  Chemistry Lab– Monday 2:00 pm


Scene Six:  Theater – Monday 3:00 pm


Scene Seven:  Theater–Tuesday 3:00 pm

            Auditions - Thespians

            What I’ve Been Looking For – Sharpay & Ryan

            What I’ve Been Looking For Reprise – Kelsi, Troy & Gabriella


Scene Eight:   Various Places – Tuesday Evening

            Cellular Fusion – Taylor, Chad, Martha, Zeke, Kelsi, Sharpay, Ryan & Company


Scene Nine:   Cafeteria – Noon

            Stick to the Status Quo - Company

Act 2


Scene One Rooftop Garden – Wednesday 12:30PM

           Can't Take My Eyes off of You - Troy & Gabriella


Scene Two Sharpay's Locker –Wednesday 12:30pm


Scene Three:  Study Hall –Wednesday 3:30pm

            Wildcat Cheer Reprise – Cheerleaders


Scene Four:  Gym –Wednesday 3:30pm


Scene Five:  Locker Room/ Lab –Wednesday 4:00pm

            We’re Counting on You – Jocks & Brainiacs


Scene Six:  Isolated Spaces –Wednesday Evening

            When There Was Me & You – Troy, Gabriella, Jocks & Brainiacs


Scene Seven:  Rehearsal Room –Thursday 12:30PM


Scene Eight:  Theatre–Thursday 12:45PM

            Start of Something New Reprise – Troy & Gabriella


Scene Nine:  Study Hall –Thursday 1 :00pm

            We’re All in This Together – Chad, Taylor, Kelsi & Company


Scene Ten:   Lab/Theatre/Locker Room & Gym – Friday 3:00pm

            Bop to the Top – Sharpay, Ryan & Company

            Breaking Free – Troy Gabriella & Company


Scene Eleven:   Gym – Friday 5:00pm

            We’re All In This Together Reprise - EVERYONE

            Bows to Mega Mix - EVERYONE

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