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We're excited that you're interested in making an impact in the lives of children through theatre. Below are the steps to get started.

1. Identify your group and select a musical story to tell.  There are many licensing companies with shows that are geared to younger audiences. Find a musical that fits with your group, can travel light, and connects with your intended audiences.

2. Sign on and receive your Toolkit.  Your group pays the affiliation licensing to Musical Mission Tour. You then receive the resources necessary to produce and run a Tour of your own. Packages include coaching, fundraising tools, budgeting, and organizational tools. You also gain use of all branding and the equity we've built with our partners.

3. Recruit your team. Who are the key players along for this ride?


Support the show with an experienced director team who understands your audience and vision.


Gather your squad and learn how to reach new participants when casting this mission trip.


Assemble a team of role models to assist you on and off the road.


Engage parents and your team in identifying supporters. Don't do it alone.

4. Find the communities you want to impact.  This is the hardest step, and we're here to help you plug into a network of under-served program centers who need arts-based exposure. Utilizing our partnerships, we will help you target areas in need of some musical magic and connect with the resources nearby.

5. Implement your plan. This is where the rubber meets the road. You'll have all of the pieces ready to plug in before you begin. Our project timeline tools will help you stay on track to make a successful tour departure. Once you shove off, then your impact really begins. This promises to be one of the most life-changing experiences for all those involved.

Let's Get Started

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